If the IP address mentioned on your router is, you should know that it is fake. The reason is that the original IP address is The commonly IP address that people use for the routers is, it is also used for different network entrée gadgets that are linked to the networks associated with higher numbers will be used in the area that has alternative hosts.

Why we use

A common question most people ask is that if is false why they have to use it. You should know that modern devices linked with are completely authorized. All you have to do is log in using the administration panel and you will be able to access all the operations, software is offering.

Using the same admin panel, you can make several changes like; WAN, LAN, WLAN settings, DNS, IP QoS, DSL, Proxy, ADSL, WPS, MAC, security options, more…

It will allow you to make the adjustments and manage network according to your requirements. You can even block the services that you want. It will allow you to manage the internet connections of your school, café or other locations from home.

Step by step guide to using

If you are planning to use, you will have to access your control panel with the help of wireless router operations. It will allow you to enter your IP address in the URL address bar of your browser. It will allow you to enter the username and password to access all the services that you want.

Some individuals often forget about the password of their router. The best solution to this problem is to reset the modem and it will go back to the original settings and password. For more information: Recover your router password and default list of router username and passwords.

Router Username and Password List