It is the class A IP address that is used for routers available in the factories. It helps to create a default gateway for the routers in the organizations. You can even use the IP address to create your personal network. However, you have to assure that IP address is unique and only used… Read More »

If you are using the home broadband router, will allow creating the default access point for several routers. Different SMC and Belkin models are included in this system. The access points and IP addresses are arranged on the routers by models and brands when the product is first sold. In order to change these… Read More »

If the IP address mentioned on your router is, you should know that it is fake. The reason is that the original IP address is The commonly IP address that people use for the routers is, it is also used for different network entrée gadgets that are linked to the networks associated… Read More » is the IP address of an array of Netgear and D-Link model routers. It is similar to the or Private IPv4 address network us used as the router gateway. The home routers can use this IP address to create any default gateway. To assure that the address conflicts to the bay in… Read More »